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I’m Nathaniel Sidwell, a designer passionate about making engaging products and services that create meaningful impact.

I've worked at tech companies, from startups to mid-size, in the areas of healthcare, business finances, and project management. With 10 years of experience, I've been involved in all stages of the design process from researching complex problems to launching new innovative products. 

In my last position at Buildertrend, I collaborated with teams across the company to take on complex challenges impacting the overall platform experience.  I redesigned the navigation, launched a new global search, revamped their notification system, and started work on their new design system.


Design Strategy

User Research

Product Design

Service Design

Prototyping & Testing

Design Systems


Keara Buckle

Director of Product Design, Buildertrend

"When I joined the company, Nathaniel was already an integral part of the design community at Buildertrend. He was an accomplished system designer from his experience at CoConstruct, and a respected subject matter expert within the Product Engineering and Marketing teams. During our time together, he solved complex design problems with an analytical and systematic approach, and a keen attention to detail. He played a key role in reimagining the settings page, and the entire site navigation.  He was a crucial link between a future vision of the platform, and working with designers and developers to standardize the building blocks."

Jason Hilton

Director of Product Design, CoConstruct & Buildertrend

"Nathaniel was a design leader on a small team, and took the lead on impactful user research projects, product enhancements, and our Shibui Design System. His contributions to our product quality were instrumental in positioning CoConstruct for acquisition by Buildertrend. He consistently demonstrates a meticulous approach to UX design, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered. This attention to detail greatly enhanced the quality of our projects and contributed to their success."

Justin Golownia

Design Lead, CoConstruct & Buildertrend

"Nathaniel pushes design excellence beyond where most people think it ends. He passionately blends form and function together in a way that not only elevates the vision of what a product can aspire to, but tactically improves the customer experience in the present moment. Nathaniel's approach was invaluable as we built a design system from scratch to modernize CoConstruct's legacy apps and later reimagined that entire strategy for a larger platform following a merger with our primary competitor Buildertrend. Time and time again I've seen his ability to bring designers and stakeholders together in a way that ensures we're all paying attention to the details that make a difference while also keeping the overall vision in focus."

Chris Pendleton

Director of Communications, Southern Virginia University

"Nathaniel and I collaborated on dozens of projects and I can honestly say that he is the most insightful, thoughtful, talented designer that I have ever worked with. He loves and cares about design more than anyone I know. He posses a special ability to focus on users and their experience relative to his work."

Personal Life

Much of my childhood was spent on our small family farm in Virginia. While doing chores like cleaning out barn stalls, my mind would often wander to how you could change the farm to be easier to maintain and more efficient. After offering many suggestions, I realized my mother had no interest in changing her charming farm into the model of efficiency. She had it just the way she liked it.

Later in my university years, while I studied art and design, I found that passion and aptitude could be put to good use in product and service design.

Over the years I've loved traveling to different countries and experiencing different cultures and perspectives. On weekends I enjoy hanging out with my family, playing the guitar and mandolin, biking around Philadelphia, or tinkering with passion projects.

© 2024 Nathaniel Sidwell. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Nathaniel Sidwell. All rights reserved.